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Tala Yoga is a yoga system, in which the exercises are fluently performed in harmony with your breath and with music specifically composed for it. It came into being based on years of research into breath and movement. Its aim is to keep your breath as even as possible during your entire yoga practice, whether the movement is long or short and whether you are practising an easy or a difficult position. For breathing is the way to harmony and inner calm.

The concept of tala comes from Sanskrit and means ‘rhythm’ or ‘musical tempo’. In Indian music, a tala is the basic rhythmic pattern which forms the basis of every piece of music. As is true for every word in Sanskrit, tala has more than one meaning: tala is the essential nature or soul that is present in everything. It is the essence of the world, the basis and cause of all being.


»His background as a musician creates a very special atmosphere in which it is fun to learn and try new things. Esh Loh is without a doubt one of the most competent yoga teachers in Germany. « 

- Marcell Laudahn - YOMA Bremen

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