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YOGA PIANO is relaxing practice designed by me, during which we hold the yoga positions for a couple of minutes.

This way, our bodies can relax and old blockades can dissolve. Our bodies can recuperate and collect new strength for our everyday life. I accompany this process with my sensitive compositions live at the piano. Mindful listening takes you inside, to your thoughts and your feelings, and, through an observant attitude, can lead to more self-awareness. And that is what it is about in yoga – getting to know oneself.


»Exactly because Andreas Loh is a yoga master, he succeeds in the balancing act to fill us listeners with precisely the right degree of alert calmness and quiet ardour that is so characteristic of this way« (Anna Troekes)

With the Yoga Piano DVD you can experience Yoga Piano at home. Experience an effective and at the same time relaxing yoga practice with my most beautiful piano compositions. At first, the body is strengthened and revitalised by a dynamic sequence of yoga positions with music and breath in perfect harmony. After that, every single one of the 11 yoga exercises is thoroughly explained  and presented in different variations to make sure we can each find a suitable version of the position for ourselves.

Running time 178 mins. No previous knowledge necessary.

Order it here without delivery costs!


»It is a must for anybody who loves yoga and piano…«

- Yogaliving, Augsburg