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by Andreas Loh

»I have only rarely managed to experience such a unity of breath, bodily movement and spiritual alertness in my practice.«

- Dagmar Heise, ashtanga-aachen.de

Tala Yoga is a yoga system, in which the exercises are fluently performed in harmony with your breath and with music specifically composed for it. It came into being based on years of research into breath and movement. Its aim is to keep your breath as even as possible during your entire yoga practice, whether the movement is long or short and whether you are practising an easy or a difficult position. For breathing is the way to harmony and inner calm.


»Precisely because Andreas Loh is a yoga master, he manages to find a balance, to provide us listeners with exactly the right measure of wakeful tranquillity and calm zest which is so characteristic of this way.«

- Anna Trökes, prana-yogaschule.de

The concept of tala comes from Sanskrit and means ‘rhythm’ or ‘musical tempo’. In Indian music, a tala is the basic rhythmic pattern which forms the basis of every piece of music. As is true for every word in Sanskrit, tala has more than one meaning: tala is the essential nature or soul that is present in everything. It is the essence of the world, the basis and cause of all being.



»With your tala yoga system, you have created something very special and have merged your music and the asanas into a single entity: pure flow. This practice was a wonderful experience. Thank you!«

- Christiane Sasse, www.charisoma.de

The objective of this system of yoga exercises is to teach all those who practise it a lifelike yoga practice, which is adapted to the circumstances of their bodies and their lives. The individual series of yoga positions include every possible movement of the human body in order to keep it healthy. Tala yoga is based on the experiences which I have gained in my 15 years of ashtanga vinyasa yoga practice and 10 years of teaching activities. Over the course of the years, I have observed and guided hundreds of yoga students and have come to the following insight:
»Simplifying instead of complicating«.  This is helpful if we would like to continue developing ourselves and our interaction with ourselves and our way of life. The tala yoga practice is set up in such a way as to enable us to develop a regular practice appropriate to our living circumstances and our physical abilities.


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I have composed the music, also called yoga talas, to match your breathing and yoga practice. The yoga talas carry you through your practice and measurably help you to breathe evenly. Your movements become steady and smooth. The pulse of the music has the tempo of your resting heartbeat. It has been scientifically proven to soothe and relax the mind. What is special about the tala practice sequences is that they are set up on the basis of the principle ‘from the possible to the impossible’ and lead to more flexibility and serenity through regular practice. Conscious and attentive listening to your breathing reduces stress and stimulates your ability to concentrate. This way, tala yoga becomes a wholesome experience for your body, mind and soul.


»When Andreas makes music flows all in every note. Pure passion and dedication.«

- Ralph Otto, Narada Yoga Erlangen